Calcium Chloride Flake & Liquid Solutions
Calcium Chloride Flake and Liquid Solutions are a popular choice for ice melting, dust control, concrete acceleration, tire weighting and more.
LiquiDow™ Calcium Chloride is a highly versatile solution used primarily in deicing, dust control and concrete acceleration applications. Other applications include tire weighting, brine refrigeration, wastewater treatment and chemical processing. LiquiDow™ is available in a range of concentrations (28%-42%) to effectively meet specific application requirements.
When used as a prewetting agent for granular deicers, 32% concentration LiquiDow™ reduces overall application rate, which is good for the environment. It also increases melting speed and improves cold weather performance, which helps make roads safe faster.
Dust Control
LiquiDow™ - typically in a concentration of 35% or 38% - controls dust on gravel roads by attracting moisture from the air to keep the surface damp, even in hot, dry conditions. This moisture film binds fines and gravel together, resulting in a hard, low-dust surface. Not only does this help improve safety for road users and decreases local residents' exposure to dust particles, it reduces maintenance costs associated with gravel replacement and blading requirements.
Concrete Acceleration
Calcium chloride has been used in concrete acceleration applications for more than 100 years. LiquiDow™ can reduce set time by as much as two-thirds, even in cold weather. It also improves workability and reduces bleeding, allowing earlier final finishing. Concrete acceleration with LiquiDow™ facilitates a quick and economical completion of jobs.

LiquiDow™ meets or exceeds ASTM D98 and AASHTO M144 requirements for calcium chloride purity. ASTM classification for LiquiDow™ is TYPE L.
Available Quantities of Liquid Calcium Chloride
  • 55-gallon drum
  • 250-gallon tote
  • 4500-gallon truckload
Calcium Chloride Flake is also an optimal choice for deicing, dust control, concrete acceleration and tire-weighting. Available in a variety of sizes, Calcium Chloride Flake makes easy work of smaller applications.
Ideal for melting ice on drives, steps and walks. Apply product sparingly (1/4 to 1/2 cup per sq. yard). Calcium Chloride flakes are more effective than rock salt and remain so even at -59F. If the snow depth is more than 2 inches, all de-icers - including calcium chloride - are impractical. Plow or shovel first, then spread calcium chloride to melt away any ice layer or hard-packed snow left behind.
Dust Control
For first application, use 1.5lbs per sq. yard. Second application - use 1/2lb per sq. yard. 200lbs will dustproof 75ft. of 12ft. roadway for the entire summer. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PAVED SURFACES.
Concrete Acceleration
Use 1.5lbs calcium chloride flake for each bag of cement at temperatures between 70F and 90F. Below 70F, use 2lbs per bag.

Always add the calcium chloride to the water - never the reverse. Calcium chloride should be dissolved in part of the mixing water at a rate of 1lb of calcium chloride to 1qt. of water.

Add product to the aggregate and mix thoroughly. This will give higher strength, improved workability, uniform curing and faster setting time.
Available Quantities of Liquid Calcium Chloride
  • 25lb bag
  • 50lb bag
  • 2000lb bulk tote
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